"No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God lives in us, and his love is perfected in us."
1 John 4:12, NRSV

Pastor Wu promised a troubled teen that she'd have lunch with him every week as part of his correction program. Although never missing any of their lunch appoints, he was never punctual, accompanying with bad and defensive attitude. The lunches were never enjoyable but filled with his curse words. It seemed like nothing will ever change him.

After a while, Pastor Wu needed to cancel the dates for other arrangements for two consecutive weeks. And after that, there was only one week left before she left for overseas. Pastor Wu wasn't sure if he is going to come because he didn't give a firm answer on the phone. After waiting for an hour in the restaurant, she began to debate with herself whether to leave or not. She then decided that for the love of Christ, she will stay for another 20 minutes. He finally showed up, carrying a bicycle on his shoulder. He said that he recently moved to a distant place, so he had to borrow a bicycle from a friend. But the chain fell off, and he couldn't fix it, so he had to run over with the broken bike on his shoulder.

He sat, and gobbled some noodles; then he began to weep. He cried so hard that he couldn't finish his food, so they went out the restaurant. As soon as they went out, he couldn't hold it anymore. This big boy collapsed on the ground. His crying turned into wailing. He repeatedly shouted: "No one has ever waited for me!"

From this day on, the lunch dates were never the same. He was willing to open up a bit more and became very teachable. This successful case later became a program, which many Christian adults have lunch dates with troubled teens every week. Many life of the adolescents has been changed through this program.

Have you heard of a life changed by love? Share it with your partner and pray for each other that both of you will become a vassal for God to transform someone's love with His love.