Friend, is an interesting word. Everyone has a different way to define who their friends are. To some, they call anyone their friends, even an acquaintance; to others, only those who they're benefitting from are worthy to be their friends.

In Luke 16:1-9, Jesus told a parable about how a dishonest manager, (or overseer of a wealthy person's properties) before getting fired, used the last bit of his authority to make friends who will help him during his unemployment. He did it by reducing the number of debts of his master's debtors! To everyone's surprise, Jesus said that the master praised the action of his dishonest manager. Then Jesus Christ advised his listeners to "make friends for yourselves by means of dishonest wealth so that when it is gone, they may welcome you into the eternal homes." (v.9)

His comment teaches us two things—focus on the eternity and friends who will benefit us in it. Jesus Christ urges us to spend everything we can get in this world to ensure to have a home in eternity and befriend with someone who will welcome us there. Who can welcome someone to a new home? Only the owner of the property. Jesus Christ is the owner of the heavenly home, and He is also the only way, truth, and life to it. (John 14:6) As we are busy living our days, remember to exam whether a resource we are spending or accumulating is going to benefit us in eternity? I think we are all smart enough to make the right call. But are we smart enough to make the right move like this dishonest manager?

Share with your partner one decision you made that will benefit you in eternity. Pray for each other that we will strive in this life to gather eternal wealth.