The goal of the Community Care Project is to help out with the needs of our local community neighbourhood, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.  To that end, we contacted our local community school (on Maywood and Imperial in Burnaby) and asked if there were any families in particular with needs.  We decided to go through the community school, as they personally know and work with families directly.
The organizer was more than happy to connect us with two families who are going through a tough time. Initially, we agreed to provide those two families with groceries for two weeks - that was our minimum agreement.  We estimate that two weeks worth of groceries would amount to roughly 250 to 300 CAD.
We put out the call to the congregation and received an overwhelming response, with over 2000$ donated currently.  As such, we decided to expand our circle a bit.  We added two families (single moms) from ECBC, providing them with two weeks of groceries, and will be delivering two more weeks of groceries to the initial families.  
It's a pretty straight forward operation.  The families send us a shopping list, we purchase the groceries for them, then drop them off at their house.  The two ECBC families requested a gift card to Superstore, so we provided that for them instead.
If people want to get involved, they can go here ( and fill out the form.  We'll be in contact and get them plugged in accordingly.  We're hoping to continue to expand, but we'll see where God takes us!