The Bridge Joint Worship Survey

We want to know your thoughts regarding The Bridge combining with the Mandarin congregation for our Sunday worship services. We invite you to express your thoughts through this form. Pastor Sunday will host a meeting after the November 20 Sunday worship to explain more comprehensively and answer your questions. Please submit the form before November 13
We will have a celebration for The Bridge Worship Service on December 18 after the worship that day. We will have lunch together and testimony sharing. Let us celebrate and count God's blessing we each receive through The Bridge community together. We invite you to pray for the challenges that the church is facing in the post-pandemic era. Pray that God will continue to use ECBC to bless the Greater Vancouver Area according to His will.
Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

我們想要了解弟兄姊妹們對 The Bridge 和中文堂和中文堂一起主日崇拜的意見和想法。邀請弟兄姊妹們可以用這個表格提出您的問題,吳牧師會在 11 月 20 日主日崇拜後,跟大家詳細說明,並盡力解答大家的疑問。請在 11 月 13 日前送出這個表單。
另外,12 月 18 日主日崇拜結束後,The Bridge 的弟兄姊妹將一起午餐,下午還有見證分享會,請大家彼此分享在 The Bridge 這個群體中得到神的祝福與對神的經歷。也請為教會整體在後疫情時代所面臨的挑戰,和神能繼續使用聖道堂成為大溫地區的祝福禱告。

請填寫最能聯繫到您的方式 Please enter the best way to contact you.
請在 300 字內寫下您對 The Bridge 和中文堂要一起主日崇拜的任何想法、擔憂或疑問。 Please share your thoughts or concerns regarding The Bridge and Mandarin joining to worship together in 300 words.