Join the worship online.

The Bridge In-Person worship is back! After a long wait, it is finally safe enough for us to come back and worship God together, in person! We are going to resume our in-person Sunday worships from August 8th.

We invite everyone who feels comfortable to worship in person to come and worship at 10:45 AM that day. For those who cannot join us in person. We will continue to live stream the worship on our website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

We Need Your Help

To prepare to resume in-person worship, we need your help in the following area.

  • PowerPoint Team
  • Audio Team
  • Video Crew

You don't need to have previous experiences, but you only need to have a serving heart. We will provide the necessary training. We hope that everyone can work together for God's ministry because we are all Bridge Builders for God. If you are willing to help, please let Pastor Sunday, Pastor Iris, and Luke Lee know that you wish to join the team.


What should I prepare before coming to the in-person worship?


  1. Make sure you are healthy and don't have any flu-like symptoms.
  2. We strongly recommend that you bring your own face mask and keep them on all the time during the service.

What to expect during and after the service

During the service

According to the BC Health official, social distance is not required on Sunday worships. However, we strongly suggest wearing your face masks the entire service. You are welcomed to sing with the worship team. Please find alternative and creative ways to greet one another, such as waving hands, head nodding, or elbow bumping.

After the service

Please clean up after yourselves and your children and help to disinfect the chapel if possible. For those who are not helping, please proceed to the parking lots 15 minutes after the service is dismissed. You are welcomed to fellowship in parking lots.

What about child care?

A: At The Bridge, we welcome children of all ages to worship with us. The church doesn't provide child care for children under 4. For children of age 4 and older, children's Sunday school is set to resume in September. In the meantime, Pastor Iris will lead a Kid's Time during The Bridge service. Alternatively, parents with babies and toddlers can take your child to the Cradle Room (room 204). The Mandarin Service will be broadcasted to the TV set in the room.