Fellowship & Small Groups

The Victors Fellowship is for youth from grade 6 to 12. Our five-pillar goals are for them to learn to accompany, edify, search, respond, and illuminate one another.

Youth met some of their best friends for life in The Victors. They care, listen, and share with one another. They became one another's best companion in Canada country.

"A piece of quality Jade is easy to get, but a good friend is hard to find." Our members built-up one another. They help one another to improve in every way.

We hope to help our youth gradually find their callings. Once they found their vocations, we want to empower them to respond to it by living a purposeful life.

Through encouragement, we empower people to live out their callings.

We believe that every youth can help illuminate the world. We hope that after graduation, each student will spread light and warmth in their own way. At the same time, the relationships gained from the fellowship will last forever.