Have you ever spend some time to think about what is the most important thing in your life, family, health, money, or your desire? Does anyone of you have God as your answer to that question? Probably not many of us will give that answer unless you are in a super-spiritual state. The irony is, God is the source and provider of all the things we care so how should we make a choice?

Mark 10:17-30 tells us that someone in Jesus' time faced the same dilemma. All Synoptic Gospels (that is, Matthew, Mark, and Luke) say that this person was rich and Luke says that he has a high social status because he was a ruler. It seems in everyone's eye that he has it all. But he has a problem—he was not sure if he has eternal life, and that's what brought him to Jesus Christ. The fact that he went to inquire about the eternal life shows that he is also a smart person. He knows that the life after this life is a serious issue. Most people would not think about that problem until a much older age. Further, from his interaction with Jesus in verse 19-21, we know he was also a righteous person because he had been faithfully following the Mosaic Law. What more can we ask from such a person? That is why in the later part of the story when Jesus declared that this person wasn't able to enter God's Kingdom, the disciples said "Who then can be saved?" out of amazement. (v.26) Mark told us that after hearing how such a fine person he was, "Jesus looked at him and loved him," then Jesus gave him the following command: "Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." (v.21)

We should not miss out the statement leading to Jesus' command for this person: "One thing you lack." Jesus gave him the command because that was the one thing he lacked despite everything he has. The seemly two commands (giving alms to the poor and following Christ) were two sides of one coin. That is to invite him to love God more than his worldly possession. Sadly this particular ruler didn't choose God. Little did he know that he will gain "a hundred times" even in the present age if he so chooses to obey Jesus Christ. (v.30) The difficult part for this particular ruler and us is, to have the eyesight that transcends the worldly value and seeing (I mean really see it and not just with a head knowledge) that God is the generous and gracious creator and provider who always prepare more than enough for us. We will make the right choice as the disciples did (v.28) if we are equipped with such faith.

Share to your devotional partner about an experience which you chose to follow God instead of the worldly value. Pray for each other that with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we will make more of our choices in life by following the teachings of Jesus Christ.