Bridge Builder Page

Welcome to The Bridge Community Online

We are people of God.

We are people of God who interwoven English and Mandarin in our dialogue, plus a few Chinglish here and there.

We are people of God who is born in Asia and move to Canada in various stages of our life.

We are people of God who has just enough flavor of Chinese and Canadian in us.

Many people call us 1.5 generation immigrants, some may even consider us as 2 generation immigrants. We prefer to be called The Bridge generation. To many, we are neither eastern enough nor western enough. To us, we find our identity in Jesus Christ our Lord. We worship God in both languages without the need of a translator. The understanding of both eastern and western cultural and the skills of dialect in both Mandarin and English are two of our greatest assets. That is why we are called The Bridge, for the function of a bridge is to bridge two gaps, to bring two sides together.

The Bridge is built according to God's wisdom. We are called The Bridge Service, but we are not the bridge itself. Jesus Christ is the real bridge, and our members are parts of the bridge. Our members participate in this ministry of reconciliation because we have all received the gift of reconciliation with God and with people. We believe that The Bridge generation is a group of people which God can use to bless many and to fill many gaps.

If you resonate with most of the statements in this article, you should be able to find a spiritual home here. We invite you to join us today.