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Welcome to The Bridge Community Online

In 2008, a few members of ECBC began to feel the identity crises among the bridge generation in the church has subsequently produced a unique spiritual need. These members sought for God's will for the bridge generation in ECBC and The Bridge Bilingual Service began its first Sunday worship in September 2009.

The Bridge was not here because of resentment but a result of understanding, acceptance, and reconciliation. Through this ministry, the bridge generation finds our identity in Jesus Christ and our vocation, which is to use our bilingual skill and knowledge of bicultural to bless others.

Though without a point pastor for the first six years of its ministry, The Bridge grew stronger under God's grace and through the faithful works of volunteers and helpers. We would like to acknowledge all the guest preachers, especially professors from Carey Theological College for helping on the preaching pulpit for The Bridge's first year of ministry. Thank you for allowing God to cultivate us through your faithful teaching of God's words.

In 2016, one of the founding members of the congregation became the point pastor of The Bridge Ministry after completing his seminary education. Once again, God has shown His wonders and faithfulness. May all glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ. May The Bridge continues to participate in His ministry of tearing down walls and bringing people to God and people to people.