Searching for The Mr. or Miss Right

Do you believe that there is a Mr. or Miss Right somewhere out there for you? The mainstream media usually promotes an idea that the romantic relationship doesn't work out because one doesn't find the Mr. or Miss Right. From what I know, I would argue that though there is some truth in it, a successful romantic relationship and marriage require a lot more contributions from both partners than finding someone who checks all the boxes. The Bible provides comprehensive teachings on how to build and maintain a successful romantic and marriage relationship. That being said, finding a suitable partner is still a crucial part of a romantic relationship. And what is equally important, but often failed to be mentioned by the mainstream media is to prepare oneself to be The Mr. or Miss Right for the future partner. Rebekah in Genesis 24 provides a role model in this area.

The story of Genesis 24 begins with Abraham's sending of his most trustworthy servant to find a wife for his son Issac from his own country and clan. (v.4) If the servant didn't ask any question, it would be his only request. Why from his homeland and relatives? It was not because he discriminated against the Canaanites. He made the request because he wanted to make sure that his future daughter-in-law will come from a family that worships the one and only God—the God that chose him and made a covenant with him. We learn from the latter part of the story that Rebekah did come from such a family. (v.50-51) It is true that coming out of a God-fearing family doesn't guarantee the children's faith. But Rebekah did possess qualities which embodies the characters of a noble wife described in Proverbs 31:10-31.

When the servant and the Bible readers met her the first time, she was carrying a jar on our shoulder. Despite the wealth of her family, she went out of the town to draw water for her family just like other women did. Further, her generosity made her went beyond giving water to a strange traveler, she even voluntarily went through the trouble of watering his ten camels. (v.19) I don't even know how much buckets of water she had to draw. All these tell us that she was diligent, energetic, and hospitable. The scripture continues to describe her as a virgin. (v.16) When the servant asked if his company could spend a night at her father's house, though she said that there was more than enough for the purpose, she didn't offer or agree to the request because it was not for her to decide. (v.24-25) Also, when she saw Issac the first time, she "slipped quickly from the camel" (v.64, NRSV) because Issac was the head of the family. (Abraham was dead then) These three details showed that she learned the good manners from her family so well that she knew how to conducted herself properly in any given situation. Above all, she is a woman of faith. She shares the same vision with the family that she is about to join. Unlike most of the rich daughters might feel hesitate to leave a comfortable life or want to spend longer time with the family of origin as her brother and mother suggested, she courageously chose to leave for a new life right away. "'I will go,' she said." (v.58, NIV) The blessings she then received (v.60) echoes part of the blessings her future father-in-law received from God. (Genesis 12:2-3, 17:2-6)

We read in this passage that Rebekah was a woman of God. (25:22) She was diligent, energetic, generous, courageous, with good manner, and conducted herself properly in every way. Above all, she is a woman of faith. No one in the world can possess these qualities overnight. She must have grown all these qualities slowly over time. She was preparing herself when she was single. When she sensed that God's time is up, she instantly made the courageous move to follow the calling.

Share with your devotional partner how do you or did you prepare yourself to be the Mr. or Miss Right for your future spouse or current spouse. Pray for each other that we both have a willing heart to be transformed by the Holy Spirit to be the Mr. and Miss Right for our partners.