What is the first thing you do when encountering difficulties? If you grow up in a "Christian" family, what did your parents do when issues arise? If the parents are men and women of prayers, their children will become men and women of prayers. This is the example we see from the passage today.

The scripture for this devotion is Genesis 25:21-23. We read two prayers and answers to these prayers in these three verses. One of the prayers is the husband Issac praying for his wife who had a problem to conceive. The other is Rebekah praying for her painful pregnancy. Maybe we don't find anything special about their actions because their prayers seem normal to us. However, consider the following scenarios, and you will find it spectacular that they brought their worries to YHWH through prayers.

First, they didn't have a Bible. They didn't even have a tabernacle to worship and learn about God. Issac probably knows God because of his father, Abraham. But God didn't even tell human beings about His name until hundreds of years later, at the time of Moses. In short, they know very little about YHWH. The second thing that made their prayer life impressive is that they lived in a polytheism environment. Yes, Issac's family was the only people that worship the one and only God who doesn't have an idol. One can imagine the pressure to conform to the dominating culture surrounding them. When those people surrounding them needed to inquire about their deities, they needed to go to a human mediator. The priest or medium will go through certain rituals and often require some sort of offerings to receive the oracle. The message might even need to be interpreted. Issac and Rebekah didn't need anything like that. They simply brought their petitions to God and received answers from Him.

In comparison to Issac, Rebekah, and countless followers of YHWH in the Old Testament period, we have received a lot more resources from God. We have Jesus Christ who ransomed us and torn down the wall of sin that separated us from God. He exemplified to us that it is possible to live out a godly life. We have received the Holy Spirit who helps us to know God better and empowers us to overcome the sinful nature on a daily basis. We have the Holy Bible that teaches us who God is and what He does. We can come to God through prayers. So let's take the advantage and pray regardless of what others say that we should do when the issues arise.

When I was writing this devotion, I felt hurt by one incident. And I brought my supplication to God like Issac and Rebekah. Same with Rebekah's case, God didn't take away the pain, at least not right away. He also didn't answer why I need to suffer for something I didn't do wrong. But I know God listens. He knows how I feel. I know He loves me and I know that I am in good hands. My heart is comforted through the process.

Would you intercede for others like Issac and bring your difficulties to God like Rebekah? Share an experience with your devotional partner how one prayer helped you in the past. Pray for each other that we become prayers warriors who pray deeper and harder.