I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10b NIV)

It has been about 40 years, since my conversion to pastoral ministry at ECBC. I have experienced an abundant life that Jesus promised in the Scripture through the ups and downs all these years. Everyone wants to have an abundant life. But what is an abundant life? In my experience, I don’t think I could experience an abundant life while holding onto many material things or having everything go my way. In contrast, when I went through many failures and down moments, I experience the presence of God and get to know more about Him and myself.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the core of the Gospel. Without Jesus, without His death on the Cross, without His resurrection, and without the Holy Spirit dwelling in our hearts, we Christians will have no life. God transforms our lives through the Spirit so that we see possibilities in impossibles and God’s eternity in our limited life.

Abundant life is not for personal enjoyment but for us to share with others. From the life of Jesus Christ, I experienced God’s abundant life. He gave me the willingness to share whatever I experienced and learned. I witnessed many people accepting Christ as their Savior, and brothers and sisters grow in spiritual maturity. My heart is full of joy. No matter how busy I am, I will still spend time walking with others on this path of faith. This is what I call the “abundant” moment.

I have been discipling a young lady living in China since February this year. She has been going to church since when she was young but she has never experienced the presence of Christ. Her life changed significantly in the past six months since I began to disciple her. She will no longer rely on her feeling to do things. Now she has a better understanding of the Bible and knows how to experience God in her daily life and loves to share the Gospel. She has grown to be a spiritual leader herself. I will continue to walk with her as she begins to lead other Christians in a discipleship training next month.

I would love to walk with you and experience the abundant life that God has prepared for us: witnessing the Gospel proclaimed to the end of the earth, our church grows healthily in God’s love, and the name of our Lord be exalted on high!

Are you ready to experience the abundant life?