This week, I would like to take a sidetrack by not sharing any scripture passage. I want to share Xiang's story to you instead. You'll see from the photos of his corrective shoes and Walker. Without them, he can only crawl on the ground.

Seeing him crawling was shocking. Naturally, one would feel like to do everything for him when you see him struggle at putting on his normal shoes, corrective shoes, gather his strength, then climb up to the walker. But it will help him more if we don't help him on any of those things. He will do better if we simply provide the encouragements and trust that he can handle them on his own. It is ok to move away some of the objects that block his way, but it will only prevent him from growing up if we do everything for him because he needs to be as independent as possible.

In many ways, this is how God teaches His people. God wants us to grow into maturity, and the best way to do that is to allow us to face the obstacles (please note that I'm not trying to simplify all challenges in life here) by not solving all problems for us or take away the troubles according to our ways. In the background, He does take away some roadblocks that are too big for us to handle to smoothen our ways. He empowers and encourages us with His Holy Spirit, Words, and but not limited to the helping hands of other Christians.

Are you facing any difficulties in life? Do you believe that God is sovereign and He loves you? Pray for one another that God will open your eyes to see that He wants the best of you according to His standard.