I think there are more for us to learn from Zacchaeus' story, so let us revisit Luke 19:1-10. Today I want to gear our attention to his repentance.

When we read our Bible, we tend to read through it, perhaps try to capture the theological lessons of a certain passage, then probably reflect on the application of the lessons. We seldom put ourselves into a biblical character's shoes and wonder if we will act/react the same way they did. Try to do it sometime, and you will find this exercise lead you to know more about yourself, thus benefitting your relationship with God.

In my case, I'm surprised by the degree of Zacchaeus' transformation in such a short period. He's almost changed instantly. I don't know if I have that much faith to give out that much of possession. After giving half of it, I will worry if I even have enough to pay back to those I defrauded, according to the face value, not to mention paying back four times of the value! We have to really grasp that the promise he made to Jesus Christ is almost impossible to accomplish. Further, even he was able to afford, how much of he and his household's life style is going to change? Perhaps his family will need to change their life style from luxury to simple. Through this, we know that Zacchaeus' decision was not a personal decision. It was a family decision. When Jesus Christ said that: “Today salvation has come to this house," he was talking about the entire household. Everyone belonged to the Zacchaeus family is saved, and their lives transformed.

Share with your partner how much God has changed your since you first believe. Pray for each other that we all have a heart like Zacchaeus, willing to be completely transformed.