Title Scripture Speaker Date
Popup Player 創世之約與基督之約: We are Meant to Be ... Genesis 1-4 Jim Chou 2021-11-21
Popup Player This Is My Father's World Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-11-07
Popup Player 認識生命的極限 Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-10-31
Popup Player Make Me A Channel of Your Peace Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-10-03
Popup Player 和好 Reconciliation Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-08-29
Popup Player Can I Trust You? 我能相信你嗎? Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-08-29
Popup Player 不偏待的愛 Impartial Love Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-08-29
Popup Player The Love Talk Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-07-31
Popup Player 樂天派 Joyfulness of God Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-07-17
Popup Player Unity - Making Christ-ian Characters Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-07-03
Popup Player 謙卑、謙卑、謙卑、再謙卑 Humble, Humble, Humble and More Humbleness Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-06-20
Popup Player Do You Love Me More? Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-06-05
Popup Player 主動式的盼望 Proactive Hope Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-05-15
Popup Player It's Great to Believe in God! Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-05-01
Popup Player Rest Easy Psalm 62 Reverend Chris Chu 2021-04-10
Popup Player My Prayer Psalm 42 Rev. Arthur Howard 2021-03-13
Popup Player Psalms of The Seasons Reverend Chris Chu 2021-02-13
Popup Player God is not Silent Psalm 19 Rev. Arthur Howard 2021-01-30
Popup Player Psalm 1 Psalm 1 Reverend Chris Chu 2021-01-23
Popup Player Jesus, The Great High Priest Hebrews 4:14-16
Hebrews 5:1-10
Reverend Philip Yee 2021-01-09