If I ask you to draw a picture for the Book of Romans, what would you present it? Is it going to be an image of a thick theology book, or Paul preaching? What if I tell you there is much more than Christian doctrine in the book? Do you know it talks about love, grace and faith? Pastor Sunday will take us through the book in a very different way.

Title Scripture Speaker Date
Popup Player 揀選的主權 Sovereign Choice Romans 9:1-29 Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-01-16
Popup Player Children of God Romans 8:1-39 Reverend Sunday Wu 2021-01-02
Popup Player 我真是苦啊!What A Wretched Person I Am! Romans 7:1-25 Reverend Sunday Wu 2020-12-19
Popup Player Yeah, I'm Free! Romans 6:1-23 Reverend Sunday Wu 2020-12-05
Popup Player 盼望之花、公義之果 Flower of Hope • Fruit of Righteousness Romans 5:1-21 Reverend Sunday Wu 2020-11-14
Popup Player What is Righteousness? Romans 3:21-4:25 Reverend Sunday Wu
Popup Player 我們都「罪」了 Romans 1:1-3:20 Reverend Sunday Wu 2020-10-17